Licensing & Permitting Instructions

Completing an Application for a Business License

Please READ this section carefully. It will help you process your application more quickly.

 Application for a Business License

To operate a tow company in the State of Arkansas, non-consent or consent only you must have a Business License issued by the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board. In order to obtain a Business License you must fill out the Application for a Business License completely. The application must be signed and initialed by the business owner in the appropriate places or it will not be accepted. You must be able to show proof of insurance, $50,000 Garage Liability for your non-consent business license and for any tow vehicles you are permitting for that location. Ask your insurance agent for a Certificate of Insurance, this is a standard industry form they should be familiar with.

When obtaining a Business License you are confirming that your tow facility meets the criteria for a tow business in accordance with the statutes and rules and regulations administered by the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board.

A tow facility must:

  • Be domiciled in the State of Arkansas ( except Texarkana, TX and Memphis, TN)
  • In a location that is easily accessible, located in Arkansas.
  • Maintain a secure filing system for record keeping on site
  • Display signage with the company name As it appears on the business license, physical address, telephone number(s) and hours of operation. Signs must be 4’x6’ or meet local building codes or sign ordinance standards.
  • A 16”x20” sign posted in the pubic area notifying customers of the complaint process.
  • Your maximum rate schedule must be posted in a conspicuous place.
  • All vehicles are stored in a manner that protects a customer’s vehicle and personal property while in the care and custody of the tow facility.
  • Your tow business must meet all of the requirements required by other state agencies or local governmental bodies including registering your business with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office.

Your COMPANY NAME on the business application must be the same as the name on your other business documents. You may be asked for a copy of your Articles of Incorporation, other legal documents or proof you’ve filed with the Secretary of State’s office.

NOTE: You may be asked for photographs of your facility to insure compliance.

Falsifying the Application for a Business License could result in the suspension or revocation of your business license or civil penalties up to $5,000.

An Application for a Business License and any supporting documents can be sent by mail (mailed applications will be processed and returned in the mail typically the following day), FAX or scanned and e-mailed to the ATRB Office. Walk-in’s are welcome before 3:30 PM. It is strongly suggested you call the office first, particularly if you are making a long trip.

Permitting Your Tow Vehicles and Equipment

You will need a Tow Vehicle Safety Inspection Form for each vehicle you intend to use in your business. Each vehicle must be inspected by a certified law enforcement officer or an ATRB investigator. A separate form must be used for each tow vehicle permitted.

The items on the inspection form are there for a reason, Compliance ensures a safe and well-equipped tow vehicle that is ready for any situation.

The Vehicle Safety Inspection form must be signed by both the inspecting officer and the tow company owner.

You must have Proof of Insurance on each vehicle permitted. You will need to provide a certificate of Insurance from your agent. $50,000 on-hook minimum coverage is required.

Submit three (3) photographs with Vehicle Safety Inspection Form. A side view of the driver and passenger side and one of the license plates mounted on the tow vehicle.

If it is a new truck and you’ve not yet been issued a license plate by the Arkansas DFA-Office of Motor Vehicles you will have 30 days from the day your permit is issued to submit a photograph.

As soon as you receive your permit decals for your tow vehicle they should be permanently attached to the windshield, driver’s side in the lower corner.

Once you’ve licensed your tow vehicle with the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board you can acquire your license plate from the Arkansas DFA Office of Motor Vehicles. In addition to the commercial tag, you will receive the tow vehicle decal that is to be displayed on the plate.


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