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State of Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board
Steps to File a Complaint Against a Company after you buy tow service you may experience problems with your purchase and or service rendered. If this happens, you have the right to complain. Use these steps to get started:
  • Gather supporting documents, such as sales receipts, contracts, and work orders from the purchase. Also, print out e-mails, photographs, reciepts or logs of any contact you've had with the tow service about the purchase.
  • Contact the tow company, preferably in writing. You may be able to solve the problem by contacting the tow service supervisor or manager. 
  • Contact third parties, if the tow service fails to fix your problem. File a complaint with the Arkansas Board of Towing and Recovery. We are the state regulatory agency and licensing board that has jurisdiction over tow services in the state of Arkansas. Notify the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area about your problem. The BBB tries to resolve your complaints against companies.  
  • Seek legal help. If none of these options work, you may seek to resolve your problem through the legal system.

Your complaint matters to us, to file a complaint against a tow service company with the Arkansas Tow and Recovery Board:

Click here and please read These instructions prior to sending in a complaint form


Click here to fill out and print the ATRB complaint form


Send the signed and completed below form via mail or fax, with all the details of the complaint and any copies of supporting information (ex. copy of letters, bills, impound ticket, photographs, witness statements, etc.) to:

Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board
Attn: Complaint Investigator
7418 North Hills Blvd.
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Phone #: (501) 682-3801  
Fax #: (501) 682-3589


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