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State of Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board

State of Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board
7418 North Hills Blvd.

North Little Rock, AR 72116

Open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Closed on state holidays

Office (501) 682-3801

Fax (501) 682-3589

The Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board is the regulatory, investigative and licensing agency for the state of Arkansas. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in the licensing or permitting process.

Board History

In 1984 Arkansas Transportation Commission member John M. Allen was one of a 14 member Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Regulatory Review Panel commissioned by
Congress to compare rules from each state and the District of Columbia and check them against federal regulations. Arkansas, cited for exemptions granted several types of vehicles (including those used by members of the towing industry), was among some thirty plus states with rules and regulations which did not meet federal guidelines.

Act 42 of 1987 (lst ex. sess.) created the Board of Wrecker Operators. (Enabling legislation was not included in the Act;)

Act 899 of 1989 repealed and replaced Act 42 of 1987, creating the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board. Rules and regulations proposed by the Board pursuant to Act 899 were rejected by the Administrative ~Rules & Regulations Subcommittee of the Legislative Council.
1991 House Bill 1272, aimed at amending Act 899 of 1999, failed to get out of Committee. To avoid losing federal highway funds, Senate Bill 80 which brought regulation of wrecker safety under the Highway Commission was approved. (Act 33 of 1991.)

Act 1000 of 1993, compromise legislation, was enacted subsequent to lawmakers' review and approval of regulations proposed by the Board for the towing industry.
1995 Legislation sponsored by the Joint Committees on Transportation removed from the Highway Commission and returned to the Towing & Recovery Board authority to regulate wrecker safety .

Act 392 of 1997 pertains to §§ 27-50-1201 et ~, addressing language clarification, increasing the number of Board members and establishing late filing fee and criminal penalty provisions.

Act 841 of 1997 includes amendments to § 27 -50-1101 for purposes of consistency (in the sale of abandoned vehicles) and repeals §27-50-1102.

Act 1279 of 1999 amends § 27-50-1101 pertaining to charges for storing abandoned vehicles and Act 695 of 1999 amends § 18-45-202 pertaining to priority of liens on abandoned vehicles.

For additional information about the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board call the office, any member of the Board, E-Mail us. E-maill address is


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